What happens to the gut microbiome after taking antibiotics? - gut health, probiotics, microbiome

Yes, you can load up on antibiotics to address your gut issues. That is an option. Sure. Go for it. That's the go to solution. And sometimes you do need them.

But if that is your go-to answer for problems with your gut or sinuses, there are possible negative consequences. And you better be prepared to manage those consequences if you do use antibiotics so that you don't completely wipe out your gut.

“...taking antimicrobials is a gamble every single time you do it, even if it’s fully warranted.”
Microbiologist & Pathologist Gautam Dantas
Washington University of Medicine in St. Louis
(same reference as slide)

Instead, what if you try other options that are also super effective? Just a thought. They may not be as effective upfront but maybe they are better for you in the long-term?

We aren't saying that antibiotics aren't necessary, because sometimes they just are. But limiting them to when absolutely necessary instead of all the time seems much more beneficial.

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