Tenesmus is a motility issue - gut health, constipation

Do you ever feel the urge to go, but can't? This too has a name.

Tenesmus is a motility issue. We suggest helping with this like we do all other motility problems:
1️⃣ Activate motility starting in the throat all the way down.
2️⃣ Help restore NORMAL inflammatory processes. Inflammation is a massive cause of Tenesmus.
3️⃣ Lubricate the system to allow for friendly bowel regularity.
4️⃣ Promote microbial balance. Microbial imbalances trigger dysmotility like Tenesmus.

Start with an aggressive motility plan for 60 to 90 days and then clean up the gut. Want to know how? Start with our Constipation Plus Kit (link in bio), if you have a more severe case, please DM us for protocol!

Life is better when the gut is cleaned up and working properly. (This doesn't necessarily mean starting with probiotics.)

Questions? Please send us a DM on Instagram @silverfernbrand.


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