Why should you address GERD issues first and then constipation? - reflux, gut health, heartburn, bloating

What if you have both GERD issues and constipation problems?

Start by helping the GERD issues. Acid blockers contribute to constipation. If the acid blockers are causing the constipation (in part or entirely), it is wise to start by addressing those issues first.

After your GERD issues have improved and you are not locked on acid blockers but still have constipation issues, then address constipation issues.

There are not quick fixes to helping with big issues. GERD issues can be helped faster than constipation issues though. Once the system is turned off or has slowed down it takes time to help it turn on again. Please give it the time it needs. Constipation most likely didn't become a problem in a month, it may take longer than a month to help with motility.

If you want a full protocol, please don't hesitate to ask. You can reach out with questions on Instagram @silverfernbrand.

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