Starting with gut health, the best place to start-probiotics, prebiotics, Cleanse, SIBO, IBS

Why don’t people see gut health success after years of trying? They start at the wrong place.⁠
I absolutely love Ultimate Probiotic, Targeted Prebiotic, and Cleanse. They are amazing products. BUT….⁠
A person with serious upper GI discomforts and constipation needs to start with resolving motility and⁠
acid issues first. ⁠

It does take between 4 and 8 weeks to help with constipation because it is addressing the core⁠
underlying cause of constipation.⁠

Enzymes only work if you take the right enzymes to address the problems at the right dosing before or⁠
at the beginning of meals. Taking enzymes or Upper GI Relief after the meal is not going to work as well.⁠

Why shouldn’t a person with serious constipation start with Cleanse? Cleanse IS NOT a laxative. It’s⁠
mechanism of action is to bind bad and gather up bad things to clean them out. This action is not great⁠
for someone with constipation.⁠

Does Ultimate Probiotic help with both of these issues? Yes. But it does not work as fast as a high dose of Upper GI Relief for 3 months. I know the high dose of Upper GI Relief is a lot. But it works.⁠Ultimate Probiotic and Targeted Prebiotic are amazing products when taken at the right time in the gut⁠
health improvement process. Do the probiotics help with bacteria imbalances and overgrowths? Yes.⁠
They are still not the place to start. Probiotics are step 3 and probiotics with prebiotics are step 4.⁠
To see real results please start at the right place with the right products!⁠

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