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Success with gut health can be realized - probitoics, cleanse, digestive enyzmes

I work hard daily to customize product protocols, dosing, timelines, etc. to match a specific person’s needs.
Here are common types of statements I get all day long, every week:
🔹“I have tried all probiotics. They always hurt. I won’t ever take them again because they hurt too bad.” I’ll bet if that person takes Ultimate Probiotic in step 3 of a customized program, they will do great with it. But I wouldn’t ask them to start with probiotics in step 1 (not even our probiotics). And my favorite product is the Ultimate Probiotic. It needs to be taken at the right time in the right order.
🔹“I eat healthy, exercise daily, drink plenty of water, and my stomach is an absolute wreck. Please help!” I’ll bet the healthy foods are causing serious bloating because this person isn’t capable of digesting them. There is a decent chance that over exercising is making gut problems worse. And I’ll bet they are constipated (70% chance). When I get into building a program out with them, I start at the very beginning every time. The statement above is almost always followed with motility issues (like constipation).
🔹“I have been trying the products for a week (or even 30 days), and I still have gut problems. They don’t work.” I don’t have a program that fixes massive gut issues in 30 days or even 90 days. Yes, I expect our programs to work and for people to notice them working. Otherwise, the products are a complete waste of money. Silver Fern™ Brand doesn’t have 30-day magic pills that solves the underlying issues of big problems, they take time. If a person is looking for an A-Z 30-Day solution for all issues pertaining to conditions like GERD, SIBO, IBS, IBD, etc. For now, I consider that a unicorn.
Our programs are aggressive, they take time, people notice them work, and they hit everything.

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