Surprising causes of bloating

"I start the day with a flat stomach and end the day looking 6 months pregnant."

"I am constantly bloated."

I hear these statements A LOT. From both women AND men.

I wish there was a magic pill that resolved all bloating problems. The problem is that bloating is an issue that arises with just about every possible stomach/gut problem there is. I am not aware of any one pill that fixes all things. Some individual products may provide a quick fix band-aid scenario, but if you have to keep taking it, is it really fixing the cause of the problem? I say NO.

The number one reason people can't get rid of bloating is that they skip steps assuming they don't have problems in the upper GI tract that is causing the other issues in the middle and lower GI tract. Even when people reach out to me, they literally want to jump directly to SIBO or SIFO issues, food intolerances/sensitivities, and imbalances for bloating while taking no account for the top down approach.

Motility, detox pathways, stomach acid, upper GI imbalances, upper GI inflammation, and the mucosal barrier (which is critically important to the gut barrier and helping with leaky gut) are extremely important to a gut health protocol for addressing bloating (among a ton of other issues).

If there is even a remote chance the upper GI tract may be an issue please consider addressing it. It makes everything else work so much better. Helping the gut needs to be a top down approach. Everything flows "down hill" so to speak. If the top isn't fixed, the lower gut won't be fixed either.

Make sure your gut protocol covers it all.

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