SIBO and gut health journey

Repost from @momscaping⁠

We made it! This week was focused on getting myself back to feeling normal after my procedure two weeks ago. And I have to tell you, gut health plays a HUGE role in that. . I was diagnosed with SIBO and have been on the gut health journey for years now, and have tried all the things to help get it under control. These supplements from @silverfernbrand have been life changing. . I started using their ultimate probiotic and saw an incredible difference. I have since staring using many more of their products and have been loving the results. I feel like I can finally have ongoing relief and control of my health. . I cannot more highly recommend these products. If you are struggling with SIBO, or gluten intolerance, or are on a low FODMAPs diet, or just want to improve your overall gut health, you have got to getcha some of these! . Check them out.⁠

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