So many types of magnesium, does it matter which kind you take? - gut health

So many different types of magnesium, does it matter which kind you're taking? Depends on your needs.
I personally take the Magnesium L-Threonate twice a day (the latter is taken with 2 capsules of Quiet Serenity) for better sleep/rest and to help me with my anxiety and stress.
I didn’t know it was working until I stopped taking it and then I immediately noticed a difference. My daughter also uses Magnesium L- Threonate for stress/anxiety and likes it a lot.
Silver Fern™ Brand does not sell magnesium. But many of us personally like it a lot. We frequently suggest magnesium citrate to our customers while the Upper GI Relief is helping with constipation
issues. We frequently suggest magnesium and zinc-carnosine to help with heartburn/reflux along with Upper GI Relief.

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