Research shows some laxatives may increase the risk for dementia - gut health, constipation

Let's all hope this research turns out to be miscalculated or a mistake. This isn't a good conclusion. I might suggest that this research may be "very early and should be interpreted with caution" (according to CNN). Further, research studies can also be wrong. We have to be careful assuming all research is correct. But this research is from 2023 for some laxatives.

"People who regularly used one kind of laxative had a 28% higher risk for dementia, while those who regularly used a combination of two or more laxatives had a 90% higher risk. When examining the different types of laxatives, dementia risk was 64% higher in people who regularly took osmotic laxatives (which draw water into the intestine) [like MiraLAX®] compared to those who did not regularly use any laxatives. Other types of laxatives (stool softeners, bulk-forming laxatives, and stimulant laxatives), when taken alone, were not associated with a higher risk of dementia."

The explanation for this is the composition changes that can come to the microbiome from certain laxatives.

Is it time to get off of laxatives?

Maybe its time to do a protocol to help start your system up again so you aren't reliant upon products?

My understanding is that laxatives are a great way to help with short-term constipation. What about a protocol that helps you so that you don't need products long-term for regular bowel movements?

Silver Fern™ Brand provides that. It takes 90 days and it is aggressive. But maybe you could use it?

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