Most of us are not getting enough of this one vitamin, even with a healthy diet - vitamins, vitamin D3, vitamin K2

There is A LOT we can get from a healthy diet alone. Food is the best source for vitamins and nutrients. And many of us take a good whole food vitamin to cover deficiencies we think may have from not eating enough healthy foods daily.

BUT there is one vitamin that science says most of us are not getting enough of from food (only about 25%) and they suggest we supplement it. That Vitamin is K2 (which is different than Vitamin K1 and comes from completely different sources).

The best form of Vitamin K2 is MK-7.

Most Vitamin K2 is synthetic. While some research says that some synthetic MK-7 is bioequivalent to natural Vitamin K2, we encourage the natural form of Vitamin K2 / MK-7, sourced from the fermentation of chickpeas, etc.

Vitamin K2 has been shown to be more effective when taken with Vitamin D than when taken alone. And the best form of Vitamin D is D3.

Vitamin K2 is found mainly in certain animal and fermented foods:
✅Fermented Milk (Kefir)
✅Blue Cheese
✅Egg Yolks
✅Chicken Liver
(Or you can load up on butter, salami, and ground beef, which most doctors do not advise)

Daily dosing of Vitamin K2 is suggested to be between 100 and 300 mcg per day.

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