4 false fears with magnesium stearate - health, immune system, nutrient absorption

Be aware of false fears.

I love all the newest research myself. Love it. I consume it daily. But I am 100% aware that the research could all be irrelevant in 2 years from now.

In the case of magnesium stearate, while I don't think taking it in huge amounts is good, I can't find anything that should be scaring the crap out of people when it is consumed in small amounts in drugs and supplements.

Most products that contain magnesium stearate contain a tiny amount of it. And if the most cautious companies that are phasing out of it still say it is safe, then I believe the fear over it may be a massive false flag promoted incorrectly on the internet and social media. NOW is removing it from their products at the request of consumers, not because they see it as bad.

While I do think there are things we should all be concerned over, I'm not sure magnesium stearate is one of them.

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