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A gut healthy lifestyle can vastly improve gut health - probiotics, prebiotics, cleanse, detox, immunoglobulins, antibodies

One of the purposes of our products is to help people compensate for stress, seasonal sicknesses, poor food choices, travel, alcohol, and life. Tiff and I have 5 kids. Sicknesses will happen. Stress will happen.
Travel is going to happen.
We are constantly bombarded by things that can harm our gut health. We take the right products and do our best to follow healthy gut lifestyles most of the time and things go great. But products will not compensate for a high abundance of poor daily choices that harm the microbiome.
Nursing a diet soda all day long isn’t great for gut health. Daily fast food is not a great foundation for gut health. Daily consumption of alcohol isn’t suggested for gut health. Believe it or not, excessive exercising
is also not great for gut health.
With all the contributors to poor gut health, we find that when people make a conscious effort to follow healthy lifestyle choices (in balance of a normal life) along with our supplements they find success. No supplement stack can overcompensate for daily hammering of the microbiome from bad lifestyle choices.
Allowing the supplements to help a person live better lifestyle choices is key to long-term success. To be frank, I relied solely on the supplements for years. My gut health got better, and my health got better but I still wasn’t healthy.
When I started following the lifestyle suggestions as our dietitians recommended not only did my gut health get better fast, but I dropped a lot of fat, my cholesterol dropped, my blood pressure improved, and all my other health markers improved. When I worked with the supplements to change my eating habits and lifestyle choices (within balance) everything changed for me.

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