MucoSave® is more than just for reflux, heartburn, gastritis, and low stomach acid - gut health, reflux

I take MucoSave® daily in in multiple doses of 400 mg per day for a wide range of issues that have nothing to do with reflux, heartburn, gastritis, low stomach acid, histamine intolerances, or nutrient absorption. Check out the second slide to see all the other reasons this is a killer ingredient.

MucoSave® contains a good amount of olive leaf polyphenols and prickly pear cactus polysaccharides (straight from Italy).

📣After nearly 8 months, we have finally approved a new flavor for Reflux. It is a Peach Mango flavor. No acid. It does contain stevia, monk fruit and natural flavors (the natural flavors are peach extract, mango extract, passionfruit extract, orange extract, and guava extract for those of you who think we are secretly using chemicals in our natural flavors😉).

We do hear your requests. It just takes time to respond to the requests when it pertains to making bitter herbs taste good.

Keep an eye out for it, coming soon! Meanwhile, if you're interested in getting started you can find our Reflux product here.

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