Post-Covid Syndrome - gut health, probiotics, prebiotics, immunoglobulins

COVID is now a part of our lives. It doesn't seem to be going anywhere.


Your gut health may be the key influence to determining how you recover from COVID. šŸ‘šŸ¼

Certain key strains of bacteria "...speeds long COVID recovery."
Cambridge University Hospitals

āœ…Both probiotics and prebiotics may be beneficial
āœ…Immunoglobulins are also shown to be helpful for COVID recovery
āœ…Olive leaf extract has also shown to be helpful against COVID. (This is one reason I load up on MucoSaveĀ® daily and especially during cold/flu season.)

Your gut health can determine how severe your reaction to COVID is and then it can determine how well your recovery goes.

If you can think of no other reason to improve your gut, maybe putting up a better fight against COVID (and other viruses) is a good motivator because unless you live in a bubble you are going to encounter it at some time.

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