What's causing all of your underlying issues? - gut health, microbiome, gut imbalance

Ready to get to the bottom of those issues instead of using a "band-aid?" We hear it all the time, you're not alone.

In order to address underlying issues, you need to know what they are. And believe it or not, while the consequences of these underlying issues are many the underlying causes are pretty much the same.

Imbalances in the gut are ground zero for issues starting. This is caused by a wide range of things from antibiotics and other prescription meds to stress and poor diet. Would COVID/cold/flu cause imbalances? Yes, they would. What about food poisoning? That would do it too. Once imbalances are in place the whole system starts to unravel.

Your individual "consequences" may vary, but the plan to get you the help you need starts with addressing the same underlying causes. You need to fully address these issues in order to correct your gut issues.

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