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It may be necessary to avoid certain food that cause heartburn and reflux until gut health improves - digestive enzymes, digestion

When someone has lingering heartburn/reflux issues I always have to ask, “What are you eating?”
There are a lot of foods that contribute to heartburn/reflux. Yes, the Upper GI Relief and Digestive Enzymes will help with heartburn/reflux issues. But there are also a lot of foods that will not.
While you are working on resolving digestive issues, please avoid foods that are contributing to the problems. I’m not suggesting a person avoid chocolate and coffee forever. I am suggesting that while your stomach is getting better it would be really helpful if you didn’t contribute to the issues causing the problems.
For example, foods high in fat and protein are going to take longer to digest. When foods slowly digest you are likely to get heartburn/reflux. The reason enzymes help is because they help with digestion. But you need to take the correct dosing of enzymes to match the food quantity you are eating in order for that to work effectively.
If you can’t load up on enzymes before every meal I suggest choosing wisely when you use them and use them in higher doses.
Personally speaking, I knew that certain foods caused me immense pain, so I avoided them while I was improving my gut. And when I couldn’t avoid them, I loaded up on enzymes and Upper GI Relief
before those meals.

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