Eating health can cause bloating and gas - probiotics, digestive enzymes, gut health

Whenever the body can’t break down foods properly, bloating and gas occur. Bloating is a sign that digestive capacity isn’t where it needs to be.
Highly nutritious foods can also cause intense bloating.
I spent over a year rebuilding my digestive capacity for foods like broccoli before I reintroduced them into my diet. Foods like broccoli would wreck my system.
While rebuilding my digestive capacity with probiotics, prebiotics, and immunoglobulins, I had to learn what foods were causing the issues and avoid them during the gut renovation process.
I didn’t move away from all vegetables and fruits. I only ate ones
that didn’t cause me issues, or I prepared these foods differently:
✔️ Soaked them for a day before using them
✔️ Cooked more thoroughly
✔️ Used powders instead (onion powder vs onions)
✔️ Removed the peel
The amazing thing is that digestive capacity can return. It is my experience that difficult to eat foods can be reintroduced into the diet without all the bloating and smelly gas (just ask Tiffany LOL).
This process isn’t immediate, but it can happen.
Lastly, using the right enzymes before meals can do wonders to help too. When in doubt take more. And FYI not all enzymes are made the same.

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