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Slow motility may be to blame for diarrhea and loose stools - gut health, digestion, constipation, SIBO, GERD, gastritis

I have learned some interesting things over the years working with our science team. One interesting point is that slow motility causes rapid motility. Let me explain.⁠
If you have ever had food poisoning of any kind you know it causes severe diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. What happens is that the body receives a toxin overload and in order to fight it the body draws a lot of water into the system to flush it out rapidly. The body does not like toxins. ⁠
When a person has slow motility (which is associated with SIBO, IBS, GERD, Gastritis, etc.), they basically have a stagnant gut with limited flow moving through the system. Slow motility is perfect for bad bacteria to build up. Further, it is also the perfect condition for bacteria overgrowth to happen. ⁠
When the body has too high of a toxin load or excessive bacteria it flushes itself like it does with food poisoning.⁠
Why do we also suggest addressing slow motility issues as a key part of addressing SIBO diarrhea/loose stool issues? Because slow passage of food (slow motility) is at the root cause of it.⁠
Why don’t most SIBO solutions work? Because they go right after the bacteria issues and don’t aggressively address what caused the overgrowth to build up in the first place.⁠

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