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How to rebalance the gut

The underlying change that need to take place to address a huge amount of health issues starts with putting together the right bacteria composition or balance.
How does one do this?
1️⃣ Address motility – Slow motility makes a healthy bacteria composition almost impossible
2️⃣ Clean up the gut – Remove all the bacteria and other toxins that are causing inflammation and leaky gut
3️⃣ Build up the gut – The best defense is a strong offense. When the right bacteria are in place in abundance it makes it very difficult for bad things to build up
4️⃣ Maintain – Just like with exercise or anything else, if it is maintained then it becomes “unfit” fast.
Why do most gut health programs fail? They start with steps 3 or 4. If the foundation is broken it doesn’t make sense to try to build on it, right? When did maintenance dosing fix big issues? It doesn’t.
If a person has major problems, then they need big actions. Maintenance dosing is for maintaining. Go aggressive upfront. Then slowly build up over time.

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