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Naturally increase production of glutathione - gut health, detoxification, toxin overload

Glutathione is considered the body’s master detoxifier. Some suggest glutathione eliminates mercury, lead, aluminum, mycotoxins, etc. and that low levels of glutathione are associated with inflammatory issues (autoimmune diseases, RA, lupus, MS, psoriasis, etc.).
What I have found in my research is that glutathione helps fix the damage caused by heavy metals and other toxins. Without enough glutathione the body can’t detox properly.
Vitamin D naturally increases glutathione production (up to 43%).
Vitamin C naturally increases glutathione levels (up to 47%).
Healthy foods like spinach, avocados, asparagus, etc. are all good sources of glutathione.
Gut bacteria help regulate glutathione production and nutrient absorption affects the access to glutathione from foods. So, gut health is key to glutathione production.
Oral supplementation of glutathione has shown to be ineffective and not as beneficial as naturally increasing its production.

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