How do I know if I have SIBO? - gut health, probiotics, SIBO

If you have frequent or chronic bloating mixed with either constipation, diarrhea, or constipation and diarrhea coupled with more bloating from healthy foods and fibers it's easy to assume you have some form of SIBO. When a person says that probiotics kill their stomach, that's also a good indicator they have some form of SIBO.

Frequently, people will take antibiotics to help with their SIBO. Sounds like a simple solution, EXCEPT much of the time the SIBO will come right back. SIBO is a dysmotility problem. What part of antibiotics helps with motility issues?

When building gut health protocols, I assume a person has everything going wrong with their gut health then build the protocol accordingly. It is easier to cover everything upfront rather than to go back and forth yo-yoing on products, which leads to frustration and wasted money.

If there is a remote hint of constipation/slow motility issues, I always ask a person to start with slow motility first before they clean up the gut.

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