What makes Ultimate Probiotic different? - gut health, probiotics

What makes Ultimate Probiotic different? It addresses the key to gut health: microbial diversity.

Does loading up on billions of CFUs of key lactobacillus and bifidobacterium strains hit the mark for your gut health needs? No.

Loading up on certain lactobacillus and bifidobacterium strains can definitely be good. No question. Science agrees with that. So, I am not saying these are not beneficial probiotics. But for someone looking to go directly to the underlying needs of the gut, large and impressive reseeding probiotics may not be the best answer.

I get asked almost daily, "How do your probiotics compare to other probiotics?"

That's a very tough question because there are so many different types of probiotics.

Are there other brands with great probiotics? Yes. But do most probiotics target the primary needs of your gut? No.

A great probiotic helps by targeting:
✅ microbial balance
✅ inflammatory points
✅ the gut barrier
✅ the immune system
✅ microbial diversity

These are critical for gut health. If your probiotic isn't targeting these points, then you may want to consider another probiotic (even if it isn't the Silver Fern™ Brand Ultimate Probiotic).

There are massive differences in probiotic supplements. They are not all created equal.

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