A natural and effective alternative to laxatives? Yes, please - gut health, constipation, bloating

The common and short-term answer is laxatives. Let's face it. Laxatives and forced bowel regularity is great for short-term constipation relief. That's what they do. ⁠

But what do you do once you want to get beyond short-term solutions? I've heard the answer is a lifetime of MiraLAX. Ouch. That sounds interesting. ⁠

What about natural long-term help with constipation? (Magnesium citrate/oxide/carbonate/malate, senna, cascara, aloe vera, etc. are all laxatives.) Natural yes, but still forced bowel regularity.⁠

If you want a more natural and correct way of helping with long-term regularity, please consider the Constipation Plus Kit. If you have long standing laxatives reliance, please consider increasing the doses of Regularity-Mucosal Support and Upper GI Relief. ⁠

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