Does gut health affect weight loss? 100%

“No matter how much I exercise, no matter how healthy I eat, and no matter what I do, I can’t lose fat. Can gut health help with this?”
“I have horrible sugar cravings. Can gut health changes help me fix this?”
Yes, diet and exercise are important. I would never suggest they are not. But when the right parts of gut health aren’t targeted directly, fat loss may become borderline impossible.
I’m not saying all lean people have great gut health because that’s not true. But the science is that when gut health is messed up, fat
loss is much more difficult for a variety of reasons.
The secrets to gut health:
1. Start in the right spot
2. Dose the products correctly for one’s specific situation
3. Stay on the program long enough to address the issues
“Rome was not built in one day” John Heywood
“Massive gut corrections don’t happen in under 90 days. Follow the right program and follow it long enough to allow it to work.” SFB

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