3 keys to helping constipation you don't know - gut health, constipation, stress

We specialize in constipation issues. Literally. Our customers want to get off of laxatives. They are tired of having their bowel movements held hostage by a product. So, in the spirit of that introduction, please know we analyze what causes constipation from all angles to help with it.

Here is an angle many miss. And to be frank, we didn't have an answer for it until recently:

What if managing your stress, anxiety, depression, mood, and low serotonin are the keys to helping with your chronic constipation issues?

When people are under high stress, anxious, and have "low" mood, they struggle with getting their gut health in order. Is this you?

It makes sense. How easy would it be to balance your gut if you live on antibiotics? Not easy. Well, stress and a sour mood can have the same major impact on your gut as that. Literally.

Occasionally, people will be on our SlowMotility / SlowMotility+ protocols and not quite see all their constipation issues go away in 90 days. We often find that these people have high stress, anxiety, or depression. Like a lot of the time.

Did you know that many people with IBS have lower levels of serotonin? Did you know that many medical groups think that stress (by way of elevated cortisol levels) actually causes IBS issues?

Why do you think SIBO constipation is so bad? It is suggested that methane SIBO happens (at least in part) by altered serotonin pathways.

Our non-laxative protocols for constipation are very successful.

Do you know what may make them work even better? Help with stress, and ya, we've got that.

If you have questions, please send us a DM on Instagram @silverfernbrand.

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