By changing the gut microbiome, food preferences can change - gut health, weight loss, probiotics, prebiotics

When I started the Boost Kit to try to reduce my belly fat (and total body fat), there appeared to be two trains of thought about diet. Both agreed that cutting unhealthy processed foods and treats was necessary. But then there appeared to be a divide after that as it pertained to other carbs.
A lot of my fit friends load up on protein and dramatically limit all sources of carbs. They do look good. No question. But was that necessary? Per the instructions of our dietitians and microbiologist I loaded up on fruit and vegetables. I didn’t cut all carbs, but instead I cut the crappy carbs and added more and more fruits and
vegetables week over week. I did a carb replacement plan.
I followed the gut health diet plan based upon increasing good bacteria and reducing bad bacteria. From my personal experience of dropping fat, do I think it is necessary to cut fruits and vegetables? I am going to say that’s “false.” For long-term, whole-body health I only see good things from loading up on fruits and vegetables.
“But what if fruits and vegetables have zero appeal to you?”
When you change your microbiome that changes too. I went from loving unhealthy foods to disliking them. I went from running away from fruits and vegetables to craving them. Part of the reason the
Boost Kit works is because it helps you change your cravings and appetite. The program helps reprogram your preferences. Do I wish that would have taken 2 weeks? Yes. It took longer than that but once things changed everything changed.

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