An overreactive immune system can be just as bad as one that's not working - gut health, autoimmune, probiotics, prebiotics, cleanse

Allergies & asthma? Skin issues? Fatigue and headaches? How does the gut play into these issues? The answer is that the gut is directly linked to those issues. They are all linked to underlying gut problems such as bacteria imbalances (dysbiosis), leaky gut (increased intestinal permeability), inflammatory problems, AND an overworked immune system.
Therefore, the gut help solution to all of the signs of an overactive immune system is to correctly, effectively, and fundamentally correct the underlying issues driving gut problems.
Here are my personal suggestions:
🔷A. Start in the right spot for the individual’s gut problems
▪️Step 1 - Address motility issues (constipation, diarrhea, heartburn/reflux, nausea, burping, etc.)
Upper GI Relief
Upper GI Relief & Cleanse
▪️Step 2 – Clean Up the Gut: Gut Rehab Kit (Cleanse &; Ultimate Probiotic) 4-6 months
▪️Step 3 – Gut Build Up: Boost Kit (Ultimate Probiotic & Targeted Prebiotic) 4-6 months
▪️Step 4 – Maintenance (Either stay on the Boost Kit like I do, or stay on the Ultimate Probiotic with annual tune ups with Cleanse and Targeted Prebiotic)
🔷B. Go super aggressive upfront
▪️Step 1 – Determine if issues are mild (occasional), moderate (frequent), or severe (all the time and problematic)
▪️Step 2 – Dose products according to the severity of the issues. Does it make sense to anyone that maintenance dosing of any product (even the best) will address big issues? Maintenance dosing is for
▪️Step 3 - Things can get more uncomfortable before they get better. Die-off effect is real (though we try to avoid that with A). Bad bacteria and problems fight back. Addressing real gut problems can be uncomfortable.
🔷C. Stick with the plan. Like remodeling a home, timelines are not always met and getting everything done takes time. Please be
patient. While many people seem to zip on through the process to maintenance pretty fast, there are still many with more severe issues that have to fight through problems a bit longer.
Fixing severe gut issues in 30 days or less doesn’t even make sense. Focus on improvements rather than on lingering problems. As fundamental issues are addressed problems slowly slip away.

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