A few supplement tricks for sleeping deep - gut health, probiotics, psychobiotics, magtein

Because I am a high stress/anxiety person I take 2 Quiet Serenity capsules with 1 Magtein capsule at about 6 pm each day. I take another Magtein capsule with breakfast. That combination has helped me sleep much deeper and longer. ⁠(We don't sell Magtein but personally love it.)⁠
Our operations manager can’t combine the 2 Quiet Serenity capsules with Magtein because it makes him too tired. He only takes the 2 Quiet Serenity capsules before bed. ⁠
If you are going to take a higher dose of Upper GI Relief like me, please buy the 2 pack of Quiet Serenity on sub n save for⁠
the 33% monthly price reduction. The sub n save is easy to get off of too.⁠
Note: I wasn’t sure that Magtein was working initially but I stayed on it for about 3 months. I went off of it thinking it wasn’t working and that’s when I noticed how much it was working for my stress/anxiety.⁠

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