Breaking food addiction and changing appetite-diet, weight loss, probiotic, prebiotic, boost kit, gut heatlh, permanent weight loss

Good luck breaking a food addiction and changing appetite with willpower. That alone makes most diets⁠
not work long-term. Think about our relationship with food. We celebrate holidays with food. We celebrate and socialize with friends over food. We go out with our significant other to eat food. Most of us really enjoy food, right? We also eat when we are anxious, nervous, excited, happy, or depressed.⁠

Traditional weight loss programs replace or restrict something most of us love with something we don’t⁠
love. Are we surprised that it doesn’t work? How many people get strong urges or cravings for unhealthy foods right after being told not to eat it? 🙋‍♂️ I do. I freak out and want to eat everything. ⁠
How much excitement does the average person get about counting calories on a daily basis year over year? Maybe it is just me, but I hate that stuff. ⁠
Not only do we all know that this doesn’t work, but science says this doesn’t work either. ⁠
We are all familiar with the concepts of needing to exercise and eat healthy to lose weight. But if we don’t see results at the gym because we remain chubby how fun is the gym? If we aren’t excited to eat fruits and vegetables how likely are we going to stay doing it?⁠

The Boost Kit Program (supplements and lifestyle suggestions) was designed by an industry leading gut⁠
expert microbiologist and clinically trained dietitians to address the underlying causes of why diets don’t⁠
work long-term for most people. It was created to address the part that most exercise and diets are missing: gut health composition determines a lean body and efficient metabolism. When our relationship with food changes so does everything. 

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