Achieving permanent weight loss-gut health, microbiome, bacteria, prebiotic, probiotic, lean muscle, belly fat

I’m a former yo-yo dieter. I absolutely hate diets. And there isn’t a magical weight loss pill. ⁠
Here is what I needed for a program to work for me:⁠
✔️ Simple program⁠
✔️ No counting calories or macros or measuring. I don’t feel like I need to be doing math all day to lose weight.⁠
✔️ I don’t like extremes (i.e., all protein, no sugars, or all vegetables/fruits)⁠
✔️ On/off eating schedule (I’m eating healthy or I’m freely eating)⁠
✔️ Reduced cravings⁠
✔️ Reduced appetite⁠
✔️ Increased metabolism⁠
✔️Increased lean muscle⁠
✔️ Reduced belly fat⁠
Our Boost Kit program was designed by our microbiologist and dietitians with these points in mind.⁠
They started off stating that gut health predicts weight loss, so the program is gut health centered. It is a⁠
fit for most diet and exercise programs. If a person likes to count everything then great. This still fits. If a⁠
person loves to muscle through strict diet restrictions it also fits. It really does work with any program.⁠
An additional factor to consider is hormones. When a person's hormones are off it is going to be a struggle to get the weight off. Getting hormones checked is also important.

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