True Probiotics & Die-off Effect-pathogens, probiotics, bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation, headaches

Remember! A battle is going on in the gut. Good bacteria and bad bacteria are constantly fighting over control. Introducing the right probiotics into the gut, is essentially adding support to the good side. ⁠⁠
Here are a couple points many don’t know:⁠
There are probiotic strains that generate up to 12 natural antibiotics that naturally seek out, fight and destroy bad bacteria. (Ref. 1) These strong probiotic strains will colonize and build up in population. These probiotics push out bad stuff (bacteria and yeast) and help good stuff thrive. (Ref. 2)⁠⁠
Sometimes the war going on causes digestive symptoms called “die-off effect.” Die off symptoms don’t happen to most people, but they definitely happen to some. Die off symptoms are unpleasant but good, these symptoms mean that the probiotics are working and improving the gut.⁠⁠
How to manage die-off symptoms?⁠⁠
DON'T stop taking the probiotics! Keep taking them but take them at a lower dose. Rather than taking 2 capsules reduce to 1 capsule or even half a capsule. The capsules break apart easy enough that half a capsule of powder can be added to a drink, yogurt or applesauce for a few days. Once symptoms have decreased, slowly increase the dose back up to a full dose. Remember that the goal is to support the gut with true probiotics that will fight for gut health. Just keep going!⁠⁠

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