Bloating can be triggered by many things - gut health, digestion, probiotics, constipation, stress, exercise

When I am asked to help someone with bloating I immediately look for:
1️⃣ Motility issues/low stomach acid
2️⃣ Food intolerances
3️⃣ Bacteria imbalances (and leaky gut)
(Note: IBS/SIBO issues are linked with both motility issues and bacteria imbalances. Motility issues are linked to causing bacteria imbalances.)
Please also notice stress, diet and lack of exercise.
🔹When a person has high stress, they can bloat.
🔹When a person eats unhealthy or even loads up on too many healthy foods they can bloat. Yes, eating a lot of certain fruits and vegetables can cause bloating.
🔹And I think we all generally recognize that exercise is good for digestion, so the lack of it is not good for digestion.

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