Gut health can affect bone health, here's how - Vitamin K2, Vitamin D3, malabsorption

Why should bone health be a focus for those with poor gut health?
šŸ”¹Overtreatment of thyroid issues can cause bone loss. If anyone has ever had thyroid issues, they know that thyroid levels bounce around a lot.
šŸ”¹Weakened bones lead to problems with posture.
šŸ”¹Bloating and constipation are signs of digestive problems and digestive problems lead to malabsorption of essential nutrients for bone health.
šŸ”¹Antidepressants are found to cause lower bone mineral density.
šŸ”¹If nails are brittle, then likely so are the bones.
The good news is that gut health can be improved, and studies show that combining Vitamins K2 and D3 together can significantly increase bone mineral density. Gut health and the right nutrients are essential for great bone health.

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