Your mood is related to your gut health, what's the science? - gut health, mental health, depression, anxiety

Since gut problems are highly connected to mood disorders, does that mean that by cleaning up the gut one can improve one's mood?

The quick answer seems to be "yes."

Does this work as fast as medications? No, I don't think so.

But can a gut protocol along with meds work even better? The answer to this also seems to be "yes."

In Psychology Today (August 28, 2022), they suggest that specialists that diagnose, treat, and prevent mental, emotional and behavioral disorders are becoming more and more aware of gut health's connection to improving mood.

The second brain in the gut (ENS) does directly affect the brain. Chemicals that affect mood are found in the gut. 90% of serotonin is produced in the gut, not the brain.

When addressing mood, don't forget gut health.

If you have big gut problems, consider a full gut health protocol.

If you don't have big gut health issues, consider the Gut Rehab Kit (Cleanse and Ultimate Probiotic) for 90 days followed by the Boost Kit (Ultimate Probiotic and Targeted Prebiotic) after that.

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