You can target belly fat through gut health - prebiotics, weight loss, gut health

“You Can’t Target Belly Fat!!!!!!” ⁠
That’s a correct statement in reference to exercising! Sit ups will not target belly fat. 💯 ⁠

But technically, you can target belly fat through prebiotics and gut health….⁠
“Fortunately, a landmark human study found that when big-belly persons took 600 mg of ApplePhenon® daily, they experienced a significant reduction in belly fat after eight weeks, and even more after twelve weeks.” Dr. William Sears ⁠⁠

I have experienced this firsthand, dropping four pant sizes.⁠

The science for gut health and fat loss is solid. You hit what you shoot for:⁠
• Increasing Short-Chain Fatty Acids (they control the metabolism) ⁠
• Increasing Akkermansia (sort of big deal for losing fat)⁠
• Increasing Prevatolla ⁠
• Increasing Christensenellaceae ⁠
• Increase Faecalibacterium Prausnitzii ⁠
• Correcting the Firmicutes/Bacteroidetes ratio ⁠

Taking the right prebiotics along with eating healthy and exercise programs will help determine if you lose visceral fat or not! ⁠

Make sure your gut health program is targeting the right gut bacteria to help you reach your health goals! ⁠

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