Gut health and cholesterol management - gut health, prebiotics, probiotics

“Would I need to continue to take prebiotics long-term?” ⁠
You can stop. Or you can continue to address gut health for other health benefits like improving cholesterol. ⁠
My family genetically has high cholesterol. My whole family has this issue. Everyone uses statins to help reduce their cholesterol. I USED to use them. ⁠
One major health benefit for me as I maintain my gut health by consistently using the probiotics and prebiotic together (aside from the weight management benefits and allergy management benefits) has been that I no longer need statins or other meds for my cholesterol. It's comforting, especially with all of the concerns over long-term use of statins. ⁠
When our science team formulated our probiotic and prebiotic combo, they didn’t just take into account gut problems. They were also dialed in on assuming people had health goals beyond not being constipated, having diarrhea and/or having reflux/heartburn.⁠

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