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Why is it so difficult to get off of acid blockers? - gut health, indigestion, heartburn, reflux

Rebound Acid Hypersecretion (RAHS) is the technical term for why acid blockers are so difficult to get away from. I call this the rebound effect of using acid blockers. To sum up, when a person goes off of acid blockers, they get a massive spike in acid production (increased acid secretory capacity), which causes a person’s stomach to burn like crazy.⁠
Here is the problem: acid blockers for short-term use are generally safe but are problematic when used long-term. Once a person gets on them it can be quite difficult to get off of them again. For this reason, I wonder why acid blockers are handed out like candy.⁠
I usually suggest when a person is stuck on acid blockers and wants to get off of them that they ease off while aggressively doing other things to help the gut transition comfortably. This may be one situation when ripping the band aid off is going to hurt worse.⁠
Yes, we help a lot of people that are trying to get off of acid blockers. We have a suggested plan for that, but isn’t easy. This plan takes aggressive doses of natural ingredients to get the system ready for the transition, and it can definitely be a situation where things get worse before they get better.⁠
I’m just being honest here. I know everyone wishes I could say, “It is so easy.” But it isn’t true. I get the impression that most people assume it should be easy to get off of acid blockers. I’m not sure where that idea came from, but it isn’t true.⁠
Is it possible? Sure. I help people all the time with it. But it is a process, and it does take effort.⁠

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