Hemorrhoids? Laxatives aren't the best answer - gut health, constipation, regularity

Laxatives seems like the natural answer for most for hemorrhoids.

Increasing consumption of fiber is also a great way to help with hemorrhoids.

Since hemorrhoids are commonly associated with constipation and other dysmotility problems, we suggest a more comprehensive response to hemorrhoids.

Constipation issues are not only a function of motility activation. It is also an inflammatory problem, a dry lower intestinal wall that is not properly coated, and microbial imbalance problem.

By soothing the system down, helping the lower bowels remain moist and slippery (without lubricating laxatives), promoting microbial balance, and then activating motility, you won't have white knuckle down, one hour bathroom breaks.

There are herbs, that can effectively help with these issues. It takes 60 to 90 days. But once the system is working again you should be fine. At that time, gut maintenance with gut management probiotic strains and prebiotic fibers should be all that is needed.

And please be mindful that motility starts in the esophagus, not the colon. You need to help the whole system work better, not just the colon.

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