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What sets Silver Fern™ Brand apart?

1. Protocols are built to be A to Z. Meaning, our protocols are built to fully address the full range of gut issues. You may feel like crap to begin with but you won't end that way.

2. Our protocols start people in the right spot. Have you been on probiotics and/or prebiotics for years but your stomach issues remain? Odds are you started in the wrong spot and the plan/protocol/product isn't working (i.e., It isn't easy to clean out a gut that is clogged up and long-standing constipation, diarrhea, reflux/heartburn are issues do need help). Further, long-term product dependency is not a good thing

3. We may be the only product company that has a goal to get people to where they don't need to live on products. Maintenance is good. Dependency is bad.

4. We don't say that we are the only company that has great products because that's not true. What we do say is that we show our customers how to use our products correctly to get great results.

5. We do not believe in long-term food avoidance. If you choose to avoid foods out of principle that's great. But our goal for our customers is food freedom. Does this happen in 30 days or less? No, it takes time.

6. Protocols take time to see results. We don't offer magical beans that will knock out long-standing issues in the first week. That's definitely not Silver Fern™. But it does work!

7. We accept that products can do a lot but are not the end all be all to all problems. Customers have to actively support the products by following good gut health lifestyles (you can't get healthy in the same environment you go sick in).
✔️ Eat healthy and reduce processed, sugary, fatty, artificial and greasy foods (reduce in balance not extreme cuts)
✔️Proper sleep

The protocols work. Please give them time!

If you have questions, please send us a DM on Instagram @silverfernbrand.

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