Laxative use for teens may not be the best idea, so what is? - gut health, constipation

Our oldest daughter/child, Charlie, has a rare pain syndrome (amplified musculoskeletal pain syndrome or AMPS). Her pain triggers slow motility/constipation. She is constantly in need of help with her motility. ⁠

We were told countless times to keep her on MiraLAX, magnesium citrate/oxide/carbonate, or some other herbal laxative. The problem is that if we had Charlie take these products she would for sure become dependent on them and we did not want our daughter stuck on laxatives for the rest of her life. ⁠

Here is what we do for our constipated teenagers:⁠

(60-90 day plan)⁠
Constipation Plus Kit⁠
4 bottles of Upper GI Relief⁠

We have them follow the instructions on the products in the Constipation Plus Kit and then we have them take 3 Upper GI Relief capsules in the morning with their first meal of the day and 3 Upper GI Relief capsules in the evening with their last meal of the day. ⁠

We DO NOT suggest suddenly stopping laxative use if you/they are dependent on laxatives. We suggest easing off of them starting in weeks 2, 3 or 4 (depending on how they are doing). ⁠

We have Charlie do it until she is regular on her own again. Charlie has to do this about once a year (usually after a major pain flare). ⁠

We are not allowed to suggest anything for small children. Tiffany and I have our children 6 to 12 do a similar plan as the teenagers but only have them take one scoop of Reflux (same active ingredient, MucoSave, as in Regularity) at night, 1 scoop of the Sensitive Gut Fiber in the morning with breakfast, and then follow a half dose of the Upper GI Relief that is suggested for teenagers. If children have problems with capsules, they may be opened and poured into something they like to eat and mix it really well. The gingerols in the Upper GI Relief is really strong, we don't advise drinking this mixed into water. ⁠

Questions? ⁠Please send us a DM on Instagram, @silverfernbrand.

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