What makes Silver Fern Brand different? Everything. - gut health, probiotics, detox

What sets Silver Fern™ Brand apart?


We take a top down approach (start in the esophagus and stomach then work down through the colon).

We assume everything is a problem then use a complete protocol to hit the entire system. Since the digestive system is all connected doesn't that make sense?

We start with step 1, not step 3.
We open up detox pathways and help establish non-laxative forced motility BEFORE doing a gut clean up. Doesn't it make sense to open the "doors" before trying to clean everything out? And, did you know that most gut imbalances and problems are associated with motility problems? If the gut is slow, you will always have issues.

Probiotics and loading up on prebiotics doesn't happen until the build up process AFTER step 3 of the protocols.

Probiotics don't show up in steps 1 or 2 of our protocols. Why you ask? Probiotics may make things worse. There are more effective places to start than probiotics. And if probiotics are being used to populate the gut with beneficial bacteria again, doesn't it make more sense to do that when they will be most impactful AFTER motility is established, the gut is cleaned up, and the gut is ready for new bacteria to come in?

Silver Fern™ Brand takes an A to Z approach. We like a start and stop. Meaning, while we totally support ongoing gut health maintenance, we highly doubt you want your entire life to be about popping pills to feel better and digest foods without all the problems.

We believe in food freedom. Meaning, our protocol approaches are not about restricting diets, cutting foods out forever, and food avoidance long-term. We are all about regaining food freedom.

We have gut experts (microbiome researchers, people that train medical professionals on gut health, and people that build the testing systems for the microbiome) build products and protocols for gut health, not doctors, nutritionists, and chiropractors . Doesn't it make sense to have gut microbiome experts build protocols/products for gut issues?

How are we different? In every way possible.

If you have questions, please send us a DM on Instagram @silverfernbrand.


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