What makes our Hair Complex amazing? - beauty from within, hair growth, hair shine & volume

Thinning hair?
Hair not growing?
Brittle nails?
Tiffany here 👋🏼 About a year ago I posted on my personal account a picture from ten years ago of me and my kids and had a friend ask me if that was all my own hair. 💯 yes, all my own hair, no extensions just a full head of long hair. It kinda hit home that my hair was no longer that amazing. 💔
After years of battling my #thyroid (#Hashimotos), health issues, and getting older my hair had thinned and I hadn't been able to grow it near the length I really wanted it. I pretty much had given into the idea that I was in my 40s and my hair would just be getting shorter the older I got.
But then Hair Complex. We started researching hair supplements and found:
🔹Keragen-IV™: helps increase hair & nail growth
🔹Seaberry® Omega: helps promote circulation at the scalp
🔹High-quality bamboo extract: helps hair volume and shine
And it has completely changed my hair game.
Weird that a gut health company offers a hair supplement? Maybe. But here's the deal, it works. Like really works and as always, we've made sure the ingredients are effective and clean without any crazy fillers. All the same Silver Fern Brand™ standards wrapped into a hair supplement that will blow anyone's mind. 🤯
Are we going to have Phil try it out? I mean it's really amazing but let's just say some of us may be too far gone at this point and we don't need to promote back hair growth. 🧑🏼‍🦲
From my experience, I easily noticed a change within the first month, by the end of the second month the results were dramatic.

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