How to counteract the gut effects of sucralose - gut health, probiotics, prebiotics, microbiome

Let's look at sucralose objectively. It makes supplements delicious (let's be honest). It's sugar free. It helps hit those macros. (Personally, we don't love sucralose because of the effects it has on the gut but know many people consume it daily.)⁠
BUT next time you reach for a pre workout loaded in sucralose or a diet soda, please be mindful it may be doing opposite of what you really want it to be doing like:⁠
👎🏼 Increasing obesity⁠
👎🏼 Increasing appetite⁠
👎🏼 Increasing metabolic dysfunction⁠
👎🏼 Decreasing insulin sensitivity⁠
👎🏼 Promoting IBS⁠
👎🏼 Increasing inflammation⁠
Solution: If you are going to be loading up on fitness supplements loaded in sucralose type sweeteners that are well known to hammer the microbiome, please consider trying to offset that harm with probiotics and prebiotics shown to do that. The right combination of probiotics and prebiotics are scientifically proven to offset the gut side effects of artificial sweeteners. ⁠

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