What else causes bloating? - gut health, intermittentfasting

Sometimes the cause of bloating isn't due to gut imbalances, leaky gut, inflammation, candida, SIBO, IBS, food intolerances/sensitivities/allergies, gastritis, low stomach acid, constipation, slow gastric emptying, diarrhea, etc.

Yes, intermittent fasting or skipping meals can cause bloating.

Yes, drinking a lot of water each day can cause bloating.

Yes, hormone imbalances definitely cause bloating.

People can get bloated following a hard workout.

Anyone stressed and/or anxious lately? Stress causes an inflammatory response in the digestive tract causing distress related bloating.

Let's not forget weight gain. High levels of stress can cause weight gain. And weight gain can cause bloating.

What does this all mean? It means that supplement products can't solve everything.

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