What can you do if you don't want to swallow capsules - gut health

All our products can be emptied out and used away from the capsules. No problem. ⁠
BUT the Upper GI Relief contains a ginger root extract with 4X more gingerols in it. Gingerols are what make ginger work. Because of this, the ginger in Upper GI Relief has a strong ginger flavor that can feel like it is burning if you just take it alone outside the capsule. Please mix it in really well with your meals or a smoothie. It works great outside of the capsule. ⁠
You can mix the enzymes, probiotics, immunoglobulins (Cleanse), etc. in with foods/smoothies too. That's not an issue. All you will do is 🔹Pull the capsules apart⁠
🔹Pour the contents into your food ⁠
🔹Mix well⁠
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