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Immunoglobulins are clinically shown to help with chronic diarrhea - gut health, Crohns, colitis, IBS

Do you need someone that specializes in diarrhea issues? We've got you, literally!
What’s our secret? We recommend the correct dosing of immunoglobulins over the right period of time. Simple as that. 🤯
That's our super-secret (if you consider something that has 50+ human clinical studies supporting its effectiveness on bad diarrhea issues a secret.)
What are immunoglobulins? They are antibodies. And it turns out when a person takes the appropriate dosing of immunoglobulins (specifically IgG, IgA, IgM) they see bad diarrhea issues disappear.
Immunoglobulins are intended to help manage bad diarrhea issues (as well as help with an overreactive immune system, intestinal barrier issues, bacteria and candida overgrowth problems, etc.)
Does it work? No question. It just does (when a person follows the right plan for using it over 8 weeks).
Big diarrhea issues are NOT completely addressed in a week. But wow, immunoglobulins can do amazing things quickly when given the chance over 8 weeks.
If you have never tried immunoglobulins, don't take our word for it use discount code Cleanse20 to see how they work for you. (Note: They are not laxatives. They are binders.) You’re skeptical, right? I get it. Maybe dip your toe in the water and try a bottle first before going full throttle. https://www.silverfernbrand.com/products/cleanse-daily-gut-detox-immunoglobulin
For those of you ready to dive in and be done with diarrhea issues, take the quiz and get going. There is no time like now!

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