Vitamin K2 is such an important vitamin most of us are deficient in - kidney stones, bone health, heart health

onstantly getting kidney stones?⁠
Vitamin K2 and D “…determine where calcium gets deposited in the body.” ⁠⁠
What helps with: ⁠
🪨 Kidney stone issues? Vitamin K2⁠
🦴 Bone health? Vitamin K2⁠
♥️ Heart health? Vitamin K2⁠
Vitamin K2 is such an important vitamin and most of us are deficient in it. Unfortunately, it is NOT found in the majority of whole or synthetic vitamins. And it is not very commonly found in our healthy food choices. ⁠
Common comments we get regarding vitamin K2:⁠
🔹“I get all the Vitamin K I need from leafy greens and vegetables. “⁠
Vitamin K2 doesn’t come from leafy green vegetables. That is Vitamin K1. Vitamin K2 comes from fermented foods, liver, beef, etc.⁠
🔹“Vitamin K2 causes issues with blood coagulation, right?” ⁠
That shouldn’t be a problem. Vitamin K2 is different than Vitamin K1. .⁠
“MK-7 supplementation at recommended dosage does not affect vitamin K-dependent coagulation factors’ coagulation activity and does not enhance the carboxylation of prothrombin in healthy individuals. This indicated that MK-7 administration does not alter hemostatic balance in healthy populations without anticoagulation treatment.”⁠⁠
For those struggling with ongoing issues with kidney stones maybe consider using the most bio-available, bio-active, natural, safe, and long-lasting form of vitamin K on the market (menaquinone-7)? ⁠

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