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Get the most out of your caffeine with L-Theanine

If you want to get your energy up, keep it long, and perform strong pair your morning energy hit with L-Theanine. No joke.
Want to cut the drop off from caffeine? Try L-Theanine with caffeine.
Want a good solid 5 hours of productivity? Try L-Theanine with caffeine. I can go on if you’d like.
I have anxiety and stress. Caffeine alone drives my anxiety through the roof. When I combine caffeine and L-Theanine I feel like I can take on anything. It is a great mood booster. And it doesn't make me jittery.
I personally suggest about 100 mg to 200 mg with your caffeine.
Do we sell L-Theanine? Nope. Just a friendly suggestion.

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