Ulitmate Gut Picker Upper - gut health, detox, candida, heavy metals

This is only a great product if you are looking to:
🔹decrease bad stuff
🔹help restore microbial balance
🔹increase beneficial bacteria
🔹help restore healthy inflammatory responses
🔹help restore normal immune function (immune tolerance)

It is also pretty amazing for nutrient absorption. And if you have bad diarrhea or loose stools from about every cause but BAM (bile acid malabsorption types 1, 2, and 4), Cleanse is an absolute HOMERUN!!! (No, Cleanse is not a laxative and does not flush your system. It is a binder. It binds.)

The only question is dosing. Do you need a little or a lot?

Cleanse pairs amazing with probiotics, herbs, antibiotics, or anything else you are taking to help cleanup your gut. Cleanse provides the soak up action needed by all of these other products.

If you'd like more info on Cleanse, DM us #Cleanse.

If you want the most robust and complete gut cleanup process for everything from parasites and candida to UTIs and E. coli, DM us #Cleanup. I suggest you go with the Moderate to Severe Cleanup if your imbalance issues may be bad.

If you have bad diarrhea/loose stools, DM us #Diarrhea.

If you have allergies, autoimmune issues, asthma, and other immune dysfunctions, DM us #Immune+ Protocol

And if you have no idea what you need, DM us #Protocol. We can help you out by starting by asking you questions. Just answer what you know. Based on that we can fill in the rest. All our protocols are complete.

If you have questions, send us a DM on Instagram.

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