Vitamin & Mineral Deficiencies and Migraines - gut health, magnesium

Have you ever had a severe migraine? Not fun.

Gut issues can be linked to migraines via the gut-brain axis.

But there are other causes for migraines.

Many ask us what to take for migraines. Our initial response is to look at mineral deficiencies.

If I may offer a suggestion, I’ve found a combination that works wonders for my migraines: magnesium l-threonate and magnesium glycinate. These two ingredients have been incredibly effective in alleviating my migraines and headaches. We have used this combination for our children.

When children or adults are deficient in these minerals, they are susceptible to migraines and headaches. By making sure you have adequate amounts of these minerals, you may be able to eliminate, reduce the frequency of, or reduce the severity of your headaches and migraines.


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